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MZ-80B European code table 
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MZ-80B-ASCII / display table

The codes from $01 to $0F are control characters. These values are associated with cursor control characters, which will move the cursor. The code $05 sets the cursor to its home position. The home position is at the first line at its first column normally. The code $06 clears the screen. Both characters can be displayed if you use a Basic.

$0D sets the cursor to the first column of the next line. DEL deletes the last character before the actual cursor position. INS means insert a character at the cursor position. SP spaces 1 character.

GR invokes the function of the GRPH key. Using the GRPH key will display the graphic patterns shown at the front side of the keys.

SHL is the abbreviation of SHIFT LOCK. It changes the input mode to lowercase; all characters entered by the keyboard will be lowercase instead of uppercase characters. The SHIFT LOCK key disables the SHIFT key which changes also to the lowercase mode, but you do not have always to hold down the SHIFT key when using the SHIFT LOCK key.

RVS changes he keyboard to the invert mode. Using the RVS key will display all characters entered by the keyboard inverted ( like the characters $A0 to $FE ).

LSC means L SCRIPT and RC means RVS CANCEL.

The character $7F is the carriage return character which will be displayed while pressing the keys SHIFT LOCK and GRPH.

The characters from $A0 to $FE are displayed inverted.

European MZ-80B-ASCII / display code table
( All characters shown in the 40-character display mode.
The 80-character display mode reduces the width of each
character displayed to 50 percent. )

Note The abbreviations L/M used in the table have the following meaning:
L means least significant digit ( bits 0 - 3 )
M means most significant digits ( bits 7 - 4 ).

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last updated January 9, 2003