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SA-6510 Disk BASIC interpreter 
( Command, token, and entry point list )  
Commands, tokens, and entry points ordered by tokens

If an undefined token ( command ) is found the routine at the entrypoint $149C is performed and this routine shows the error message "ERROR 1" ( Syntax error ).

Token Command Entry point
Tokens 2 byte in length (preceding $80)
$8080 REM $1E15
$8081 DATA $1E15
$8084 READ $32D0
$8085 LIST $1E26
$8086 RUN $2070
$8087 NEW $1E1B
$8088 PRINT $2DA9
$8089 LET $1F49
$808A FOR $211F
$808B IF $2415
$808C THEN $149C
$808D GOTO $208E
$808E GOSUB $20BB
$808F RETURN $20EC
$8090 NEXT $21B4
$8091 STOP $1F0B
$8092 END $1EEE
$8093 ON ERROR GOTO $2283
$8094 ON $2232
$8095 LOAD $3333
$8096 SAVE $344C
$8097 VERIFY $407D
$8098 POKE $23F9
$8099 DIM $22E8
$809A DEF FN $2469
$809B INPUT $30E8
$809D CLR $240E
$809E MUSIC $24D1
$809F TEMPO $24EA
$80A0 USR( $2BC1
$80A1 WOPEN $3648
$80A2 ROPEN $3636
$80A3 CLOSE $374B
$80A4 MON $2B35
$80A5 LIMIT $2BE6
$80A6 CONT $2C4D
$80A7 GET $2B81
$80A8 INP@ $2C7D
$80A9 OUT@ $2C9B
$80AA CURSOR $2B38


SET $2D22
$80AC RESET $2D26
$80B3 AUTO $2CAE
$80B6 COPY/P $4624
$80B7 PAGE/P $4538
$80C0 DIR $381B
$80C1 DELETE $397D
$80C2 SWAP $34D0
$80C3 KILL $3A9B
$80C4 RENAME $3B86
$80C5 LOCK $3ACD
$80C6 CHAIN $34A9
$80C8 RESUME $2295
$80C9 XOPEN $3631
Tokens 1 byte in length
$83 >< $5125
$84 <> $5125
$85 =< $514A
$86 <= $514A
$87 => $514E
$88 >= $514E
$89 =


$8A > $5136
$8B < $513A
$8F - $49C8
$90 + $49C6
$91 * $4AC3
$92 / $4B93
( exponential function,
power of x )
$9E TO via FOR
$9F STEP via FOR
$A0 LEFT$( $295B
$A1 RIGHT$( $2977
$A2 MID$( $29A6
$A3 LEN( $29CD
$A4 CHR$( $29DA
$A5 STR$( $29E7
$A6 ASC( $2A1C
$A7 VAL( $2A02
$A8 PEEK( $2A61
$A9 TAB( $2A69
$AC ERL $2B03
$AD ERN $2B09
$AE EOF( $149C
$B2 CSR $2AE4
$C0 RND( $515B
$C1 SIN( $51D9
$C2 COS( $52C8
$C3 TAN( $52D7
$C4 ATN( $5639
$C5 EXP( $53C6
$C6 INT( $5049
$C7 LOG( $5627
$C8 LN( $54F8
$C9 ABS( $2B1C
$CA SGN( $2B21
$CB SQR( $5302

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last updated September 11, 2003