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BBG dB-Soft MZ-08SOFT ( for MZ-800 on tape )

EGG screen shot

This game was written for the MZ-800. Switch the computer to MZ-800 mode and load the computer with Tape-BASIC-1Z016. Insert the attached cassette into the cassette recorder. Input "RUN:CMT:EGG.BAS" and push the CR-button. The main program is being loaded. On the screen you read: Just Moment, Now Loading EGG Object. After that the program starts automatically.

This game is played like the OTHELLO-game. One player gets an egg, the other player gets hens. The red window has to be moved so that it is adjacent to a hen, an egg or a chicken. One chicken must stand at the far end of one row ( horizontal, vertical or diagonal ). All eggs, hens and chicken are changed according to the given example. The player who gains most of the eggs or hens is the winner of the game.

EGG screen shot

The original tape volume

The original box

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( 10 kb )
BASIC English

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last updated October 15, 2002