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MZ-800 / MZ-1500 Download - ROMs 
Model Type Description
( 31 kb )
4 kb

Monitor ROM of MZ-1500.

MZ-1500 Monitor ROM 1Z-009B

( 15 kb )

16 kb

This is the European version of the MZ-800 ROM. The ROM is 16 kb and contains the monitor program 1Z-013B from $0000 to $0FFF),
the European characters from $1000 to $1FFF ( 1st character set from $1000 to $17FF,
2nd character set from $1800 to $1FFF ),
the IPL, floppy disk, and quick disk routines in 9Z-504M from $2000 to $3FFF.

The ROM 1Z-013B allows the MZ-800 to simulate the MZ-700. ROM 9Z-504M is the "real" MZ-800 monitor and contains all the QD / FD routines. Therefore the 800 QD interface card MZ-1E19 and the FD interface card MZ-1E05 does not need an EPROM program.

MZ-800 boot
MZ-800 Monitor ROM 9Z-504M
MZ-800 CG ROM 9Z-504M

Willy's Monitor
16 kb
Willy's MZ-800 Monitor is a powerful monitor for the MZ-800 which has a lot of additional functions, commands, and high expanded routines. It replaces the MZ-800 monitor ROM 9Z-504M and the monitor is compatible to the monitor 9Z-504M except that it does not support any Quick Disk drive. The routines for the QD are replaced by routines which support up to 4 floppy drives.
( 4 kb )
4 kb
Contents of 8050 micro for plotters MZ-1P01 / MZ-1P16
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