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MZ-800 / MZ-1500 Download - Machine Language 

Note All the downloadable files are ZIP-files and they contain MZF- or DSK-formatted files. Additional TXT-, ASM-, and LST-files may be included. The file size shown includes the header size of 128 bytes for MZF-formatted files. That means, the memory size used in the MZ will be the file size reduced by the header size.

Note You can use MZ-700 machine language programs too if you use the MZ-700-mode.

Assembler, Dissassembler, Monitor Programs, and Debugger

Machine code has always had the reputation of being abstruse, difficult and prone to error.

It is certainly more difficult than BASIC but, providing you use an assembler, disassembler, and a monitor, not greatly so. If you intend to master machine code, an assembler, a disassembler, a debugger, and a monitor program are a necessity. A good help is the debugger-function of an MZ-emulator for Windows ( e.g. the one written by Zdenìk Adler ).

If you try and muddle along with POKE codes there is a real danger that you will become frustrated and give up. Failure, in this case, would be due to the problems involved with entering and debugging, rather than difficulties intrinsic to the code.

Download and test the following debuggers, assemblers, disassemblers, and monitor programs, then use the best for your purpose.

Version &
size in
( 17 kb )
P3.6: 4,192
P3.7: 4,224
COM: 7,424
DOC: 8,576

BESY is a useful disassembler with many and various functions. It was written in 1981 by Juergen Peters / Germany. There exist a lot of modified versions for the MZ-80A, MZ-700, MZ-800, and also for CP/M. The versions P3.6 and P3.7 can also be used for the MZ-700 / 800. Documentation follows later. The ZIP-file contains the versions P3.6, P3.7 (last version), version 1.1a for CP/M ( BESY.COM ) and the German documentation ( BESY.DOC ).



BESY 1.1a CP/M

BESY 1.1 documentation CP/M

Version Load from To Length Start at Type
P3.7 $C020 $CFFF $0FE0 $C020 OBJ
P3.6 $B000 $BFFF $1000 $B000 OBJ

ML SP-8002
( 6 kb )

The SP-8002 is fortunately a tiny, but very helpful debugging tool which contains a disassembler and it has much debbugging features like breakpoint setting, LOAD / SAVE programs, and expanded monitor functions like FIND, transferring memory blocks, displaying the memory ( HEX / ASCII ) and much more. BBG has distributed it for the MZ-700 / 800 / ( 1500 ). The documentation is included in the downloadble ZIP-file.

The debugging tool ML SP-8002

Load from To Length Start at Type
$C000 $CE00 $0E01 $C400 OBJ

( 9 kb )

The Spectrum Master is a debugger / utility and it was written in 1991 by Proton Software / Czech Republic. No documentation is available. The messages by this program are written in czech.

The S-Master

Spectrum debugger ( S-Master )

Load from To Length Start at Type
$1200 $3CC4 $2AC5 $3847 OBJ

( 1,609 kb )

AVALON ZEN is an Editor, Assembler, and Object Debugger written by John Hawthorne / UK in 1980 with new parts from Andrew Henson / Apollo Software / 1983.This version of ZEN was sold by MULTISOFT / Kersten & Partner / Germany under license from Kuma Computers LtD. GB. It can also be used for the MZ-80K and the MZ-800.

German documentation and the source code are included ( PDF, 64 pages, A5 ).
Download the English documentation ( PDF, 551 kb, 17 pages )

ZEN Editor, Assembler, and Object Debugger

Load from To Length Start at Type
$1200 $2560 $1361 $1200 OBJ

( 12 kb )

MZ-LEARN is an introduction to learn the machine code language. It was written in 1985 by RVS Datentechnik / Holtkoetter / Germany. The documentation will follow later.


The original volume of MZ-LEARN

The original box f MZ-LEARN

Load from To Length Start at Type
$1200 $5FFF $4E00 $1200 OBJ

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last updated January 14, 2010