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MZ-800 Games 

This table contains a list of downloadable programs. Please view the game section for the MZ-700 too. These games will also run on your MZ-800 if you use the MZ-700-mode.

Use "Name" to download directly or get further details ( information, instructions, and screen shot(s) ) by using "Info". If using "Info" a second window is opened which additional will let you download the program.

"kb" is the size of the downloadable file. All files are zipped.

The "Type" informs that a BASIC is to be preloaded prior to the execution of the program if "BASIC" is specified in this field. If "OBJ" is specified the program can be executed directly without any to preload.

"Language" is the language used in the game for game instructions and any other fields like high-score etc. Often a game can be played even if you don't understand this language. Try and enjoy...

Name kb Type Info Language
OPENING 800 7 BASIC Info English
Abu Simbel 22 OBJ Info English
Break out-800 4 OBJ Info German
CYRUS IS CHESS 12 OBJ Info English
( for MZ-1500 )
9 OBJ Info English
( for MZ-1500 )
29 OBJ Info English
EGG 10 BASIC Info English
Exploding Fist 36 OBJ Info English
Grand Prix Simulator 30 OBJ Info English
Highway 18 OBJ Info English
JAMES V1.0C 9 OBJ Info Czech
MUC MAC 15 OBJ Info English
PCG RALLY 7 OBJ Info English
URIDIUM 23 OBJ Info English

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last updated September 7, 2003