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KNIGHTS MZ-07WIZA 1st Oct. 1983 ( for MZ-700 on tape )

WIZARDS CASTLE screen shot

The ultimate in adventure type games -choose whether you wish to be an elf, dwarf, human or a hobbit. Visit the castle's 512 rooms, fend off 12 types of monster, find 8 treasures and the Orb of Zot. Cast spells avoid the curses, drink from magic pools, trade the treasures you find for extra strength, dexterity and intelligence. Can you find the Runestaff and Teleport to the Orb of Zot and then leave the castle safely with the gems and gold.


Many years ago the GREAT WIZARD ZOT forged his orb of power. Later he vanished leaving his darkened castle filled with strange monsters, wonderful treasures and the ORB of ZOT.

Start the game by choosing whether you wish to be a human, dwarf, elf or hobbit. Your STRENGTH ( ST ), INTELLIGENCE ( IQ ) and DEXTERITY ( DX ) are measured on a scale up to 18. If any of these three attributes falls to 1 - you die!

At the start of the game you are given 60 gold pieces ( GP's ) - spend them wisely. You may buy armour and weapons to help you fend off the 12 types of MONSTERS. You may buy lamps and flares to light the darkened rooms and reveal their contents.

The castle has 8 floors with 64 rooms on each level. The entrance is also the only way out. The rooms contain one of the following objects:

E - the entrance / exit at 1, 4 level 1.
B - a book which you can open.
F - flares.
£ - gold pieces
W - a warp which moves you at random.
D - a magic pool from which you can drink.
C - a chest which you can open.
M - a monster trying to kill you.
O - a hole through which you fall down.

An eye indicates an orb into which you may gaze.
A diamond shows a room with treasure.
A tiny man symbol indicates position of a vendor who buys treasures and sell weapons and armour, etc.

When you are asked "YOUR MOVE" you must give one of these commands:

N, S, E or W to move North, South, East or West.
U or D allows you to go up or downstairs as indicated by rooms with direction arrows.
DR allows you to drink from the magic pool as often as you wish.
M prints a map of your level showing the contents of all the rooms you have already explored, *** mark the rooms you have not visited - your position is shown by the two brackets.
F lights a flare showing the contents of the nine rooms around you.
L lets you shine a lamp into an adjacent room without going in.
O opens chests and books - this may not always be to your adventage.
G lets you gaze into the crystal orb. If you see the position of the Orb Of Zot there is a 50% chance that the information is correct.
T lets you teleport to any room in the castle but you must have found the Runestaff before you can teleport.
Q lets you quit the game.

If your IQ is above 15 you may casts spells on monsters. The spells are:

WEB - traps the monster in a sticky web for between 2 and 9 moves.
FIREBALL - hits the monster with a ball of fire and causes between 2 and 14 points to damage.
The last is the DEATHSPELL - whoever has the lowest IQ dies - very risky as monsters IQ's can be higher than your maximum of 18.

There are 8 TREASURES.

The RUBY RED wards off the curse of lethargy.
The PALE PEARL steals your money.
The OPAL EYE cures blindness.
The GREEN GEM wards off forgetfulness.
The BLUE FLAME dissolves books stuck to your hands.
The NORN STONE, PALANTIR and SILMARIL are just valuable.

The monsters are trying to kill you because one of them has the Runestaff which alone allows you to Teleport to the room containing the ORB OF ZOT. The ORB of ZOT is disguised as a warp, entering this room causes you to move further in the same direction.

If you leave the castle with the ORB OF ZOT you have won. GOOD LUCK.

The original cover of WIZARDS CASTLE

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