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Vicious Viper 

Vicious Viper
KNIGHTS MZ-07VICI ( for MZ-700 on tape )

Vicious Viper screen shot

VICIOUS VIPER is a colourful game where you guide a snake around the screen eating men. The viper's tail gets longer with each succesive bite. The game gets more and more difficult as the tail gets longer and longer. Don't bite your tail.

Use the cursor keys to guide the snake towards the numbers and men. Score points to eating the men and numbers. The vipers tail gets longer with each bite. Take care not eat your own tail or to touch the edge. Do not turn back on yourself either. The game gets to be very difficult as the tail gets very long. Scores exceeding 400 are consider expert.

The original cover of Vicious Viper

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Vicious Viper
( 3 kb )
BASIC English

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last updated October 16, 2002