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Knights MZ-07SUIC ( for MZ-700 on tape )

SUICIDE RUN screen shot

Suicide Run involves guiding a man through a colourful course of obstacles. There are three skill levels and a special double points feature for completing the course. Space fighters must be careful only to destroy stars - destroy a photon and a whole area of stars around it blows up too. Be careful you don't get to close to an explosion as you will be thrown to a completely different part of the Galaxy and lose 3,000 points.

SUICIDE RUN is a BASIC program. Load BASIC as usual, type LOAD and press the CR key to load the program.

SUICIDE RUN first asks you to choose a skill level - 1 is the easiest. Guide the man from the entrance at the top of the screen around all the obstacles to the exit at the bottom right hand corner. Use the cursor keys to control the direction and score double points if you reach the exit safely. The highest score is retained on the screen.

The original cover of SUICIDE RUN

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last updated October 16, 2002