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Knights MZ-07SUIC ( for MZ-700 on tape )

SPACE FIGHTER screen shot

SPACE FIGHTER is a BASIC program. Load BASIC as usual, type LOAD and press the CR key to load the program.

SPACE FIGHTER starts by drawing a galaxy of stars and photons. You have just 3 minutes to destroy the complete galaxy. Control your direction with the four cursor keys and fire using the space bar. Stars destroyed score 10 points and photons destroyed score 100 points. Photons destroy an area around them, often setting off a chain reaction. Be careful not to get too close otherwise you will be blown up in the explosion and you lose 3000 points. The time left to play is shown on the screen along with the retained high score.

The original cover of SPACE FIGHTER

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( 3 kb )
BASIC English

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last updated October 16, 2002