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HUDSON SOFT written in 1982 by K. OMORI MZ-7G044 ( for MZ-700 on tape ).

Note See also "Counter Reverse".

With this program you can challenge the computer to a game of "counting backwards". Can you beat the computer? You can also play "8 x 8 Othello" with the program.

Reverse is running under BASIC.
The purpose of the game of reverse is to play against the computer. Try to reverse as many dots of your opponent as possible. All dots of your contrahent which are lying between your already abailable dots and that one which will be set by you will reversed to your kind of dots. You are only allowed to set if you are able to reverse dots.

REVERSE screen shot

REVERSE screen shot

The original cover of the game REVERSE

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( 4 kb )
BASIC English

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last updated September 6, 2003