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Knights MZ-07CRIB ( for MZ-700 on tape )

CRIBBAGE screen shot

Play 6 card cribbage against the computer itself. Can you win against the shrewdest player of all - your MZ-700. All the usual cribbage features, discards, the box, score 31 to win the hand. Great card displays. Watch as the MZ-700 shuffles and deals you cards. The computer never cheats ! Can you win without cheating.

Load the CRIBBAGE from BASIC by typing LOAD and pressing the CR key.

MZ-700 CRIBBAGE has all the features of 6 card crib - except you are playing against the computer. Start the game by pressing any key to shuffle the cards, cut by entering a number between 1 and 52 to find out who gets the first box, you or the computer. The cards are again shuffled and after entering another number to cut the pack again play commences with each player being dealt six cards. The screen prompts you to enter a letter to indicate your first and second discards. A cut is then made for the turn up card. Play by entering the appropriate letters and the computer displays both your scores on the page in the middle of the screen.

The computer never cheats - see if you can win without cheating.

Games usually take about one hour to complete and you can usually win about half the games.

CRIBBAGE screen shot

The original cover of the game CRIBBAGE

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BASIC English

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last updated October 15, 2002