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The character generator's ROM 
( of the MZ-700 )  

The character generator's ROM of the MZ-700

CG-ROM, Character generator's ROM 4KB.

It contains a matrix for 512 characters, each character is stored by 8 x 8 bits for each character. To see the characters stored in this ROM refer to the european or japanese display code tables part 1 and part 2 and additional to the european contents of the ROM ( 3 kb ) or the japanese contents of the ROM ( 2 kb ).


This is an example for the letter "A". The bit matrix for it resides in the character ROM at locations $08 - $0F ( locations $00 - $07 are for the space character ).

The value for the first row contains $3C and relates to the first ( upper ) 8-bit-column. The bit combination for $3C is 00111100. Each zero bit is displayed as a transparent pixel, each one bit is displayed in the character's colour defined in the colour RAM ( bits D4 - D6 in location $D800 - $DFFF ). The transparent pixel is displayed in the background colour as defined in the colour RAM too ( bits D0 - D2 in loation $D800 - $DFFF ). For more details about defining the colours refer to the information about the V-RAM.

The remaining 7 rows for the letter "A" contain $42 ( 01000010 ), $42, $7E ( 01111110 ), $42, $42, $42, $00 ( 00000000 ).

The contents of the character ROM is contained in each downloadable MZ-700 emulator as a separate file suffixed by .ROM. Some authors have mirrored the bit combination in each column of the characters. The correct bit combination of the character ROMs of such emulators can be re-mirrored by a utility FLIPFONT.EXE ( 15 kb ) written by Thorsten Hitzemann. The usage of this utility is described here.

32 Kbit ( 4 Kb x 8 ) UV EPROM 2732
Circuit diagram and motherboard mark: BC
MZ-700 SHARP Service Manual info:

92 VHiM2732/AC12 BF N B CG-ROM

Downlaod data sheet M2732A STMicroelectronics NMOS 32 Kbit ( 4 Kb x 8 ) UV EPROM ( PDF, 72 Kb )

Download the binary contents of the european version of the monitor 1Z-013A ( ZIP, 3 Kb )

Download the binary contents of the japanese version of the monitor 1Z-013A ( ZIP, 2Kb )

View and download the european display and SHARP ASCII code tables.

View and download the japanese display and SHARP ASCII code tables.

Please send me the datasheet of the M5L2732K if you have it, thanks.

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last updated November 4, 2002