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Caterpillar Crawl 

Caterpillar Crawl
KNIGHTS MZ-07COUN ( for MZ-700 on tape )

Caterpillar is a BASIC program. Load BASIC as usual, type LOAD and press the CR key.

In CATERPILLAR CRAWL move the caterpillar from left to the right hand side of the screen. Move the caterpillar with either the cursor keys or with the Sharp joystick. The best score is retained on the screen.

In CATERPILLAR CRAWL you must move the caterpillar, using the cursor keys, over a series of obstacles to new pastures. Retained high score - so all the family can test their skills.

Caterpillar Crawl screen shot

The original cover of the game Caterpillar Crawl

Name &
Type Language
Caterpillar Crawl
( 3 kb )
BASIC English

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last updated October 14, 2002