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KNIGHTS MZ-07POKE ( for MZ-700 on tape )

Gamble up to £10,000 at a time. What will the winning hand be? Win with either 2 pairs, 3 of a kind, a flush, run, full house, 4 of a kind, a run flush, or a 200 to 1 winning Royal Flush.

Load this POKER game from BASIC by typing LOAD and then pressing the CR key. You will see the cards being shuffled at the start and the winning odds are displayed. Enter how much you want to bet - start modestly. Five cards are then displayed along with the mounts which can be won. The MZ-700 will then ask if you want to change any of the 5 cards. Enter N if you have been dealed a winning hand. Enter Y if you want to change any of the cards. Indicate those you wish to change by entering their numbers. The computer will then check your hand and indicate whether you have won or lost.

MZ-700 POKER screen shot

The original cover of the game MZ-700 POKER

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last updated October 14, 2002