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10 games 

This are the "10 games" for the MZ-700 as sold together with a MZ-700.

The original box of the 10 games for MZ-700

Instruction manual MZ-07GAME

Counter reading of the games
Zählerstände der Spiele
Positions du compteur pour les jeux
Posizione contatore per i giochi

    Cassette 1 / Kassette 1 Side A / Seite A / Coté A / Lato A:
  • 070 SUPER PACKMAN ( screenshot see below )

  • Cassette 1 / Kassette 1 Side B / Seite B / Coté B / Lato B:

  • Cassette 2 / Kassette 2 Side A / Seite A / Coté A / Lato A:
  • 000 MAN-HUNT

  • Cassette 2 / Kassette 2 Side B / Seite B / Coté B / Lato B:
  • 000 SEND-1
  • 070 SNAKE & SNAKE


BATTLE GAME screen shot

The 1st player to score five goals wins the game. You have one man and a barricade to operate. If you move vertically both the man and the barricade will be moved. If you move horizontally then only the man will be moved. Protect your own goal mouth while attempting to score goals against your opponent.


SUPER PUCK MAN screen shot

In this game you must eat as much food as possible whilst avoiding the four monsters which will chase and attempt to eat you.

If you eat one of the big yellow "power pills" then your energy is enough to kill and eat the monsters. Beware, the energy gained from these "power pills" loses its effect very quickly.

Occasionally, letters of the alphabet will appear in the centre of the screen. You will score bonus points if you can eat them.


CIRCUS STAR sceen shot

You have just joined a circus which is in a dire financial condition due to a recession. To save the circus you must attract bigger crowds by performing new and more dangerous feats of skill.

It is decided that you should perform a "bouncing man" act. To complicate the matter you must burst floating balloons with a pin.

Every time you burst a ballon you score between 20 and 200 points, depending on the balloon's colour. The more points you score, the bigger the crowd you will attract and thus increase the circus's chance of survival.

You have three lives to accomplish the security of the circus. You will lose a life every time you fall to land on the springboard of the man on the ground.



The object of the game is to collect "$"'s as quickly as possible, whilst avoiding the various aliens which will chase you.

You score points every time you pick up a "$", 100 for the first "$", 200 for the second and so on. If you pick up the "L" then the amount of energy you have left at that time is added to your score. If you pick up the "S" then subsequent "$"'s will be worth double their normal value ie. 600 for the third, 800 for the fourth etc. If you pick up all the "$"'s the amount of energy you have left is added to the score.

You have three lives and you lose a life every time you hit an alien or if you exhaust your energy supply.


PAINFUL MAN screen shot

The object of the game is to accumulate points by eating all the food which is scattered in the maze. Use the cursor control keys to reach the food, but beware, the mad "Maze Devil" will attempt to capture and eat you. The more food you eat, the higher is your protection against the "Mad Devil". Moving about the maze consumes energy. This will burn up some of the food points you have already gained. If you use all your points you will lose a life.

Occasionally, the "Maze Devil's" pet bug will distribute more food in the maze for you to eat. If you eat the pet bug, you will receive bonus points. Eat all the food in the maze and you win the game.


MAN-HUNT screen shot

The object of this game is to pass down each of the yellow corrodors in the maze. You have 3 lives.

Watch out for the four "Green Huntsmen". If they catch you, one of your lives will be lost. Use your cursor control keys to guide yourself vertically and horizontally around the maze.


LAND ESCAPE screen shot

In this game you have to move along the ground whilst avoiding the Jump Balls, Barriers, and little UFO's.

You can move horizontally using the cursor keys, and you can leap off the ground by pressing the space bar.

Whenever you jump, your energy level and temperature are reduced. If either of these reach zero then you will lose a life.

Occasionally, you will see a diamond on the floor. Picking this up will return your temperature and energy level back to their start positions.

Every time you reach the end of a section you will gain bonus points.


ROUND SHOOT screen shot

In this game you must shoot as many of the aliens as possible. You can move horizontally, vertically, and diagonally by using the cursor keys. To shoot the aliens, use either your laser beams ( by pressing the "Z" key ) or your killer rays ( by pressing the "C" key ).

Every time you fire your laser beam 5 units of energy are lost. Firing your killer ray uses 10 units of energy.

On the right of the screen is a radar screen. On this you can see the whereabouts of the aliens. Use this information to direct the aliens into your path and destroy them.


SEND-1 screen shot

The UFO Transport Ship will continously release enemy space craft. The aim of the game is to destroy as many of the released space craft as you can. The enemy craft will attempt to drop bombs on your cannon. Use the cursor keys to move left or right to avoid your own destruction.

By depressing the space bar your cannon will shoot missiles at the enemy, destroy all the spacecrafts and you win the game.


SNAKE & SNAKE screen shot

The object of the game is to kill all the snakes and save the girl from them.

Clear instructions on how to operate this game are provided at the start of the program. A choice is given for them to be displayed to you or to continue with the game.

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10 games
( 8 kb )
OBJ English

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