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MZ-5500 block diagram 
System configuration

The following figure shows the complete system configuration for the MZ-5500 Series
system, including some peripheral devices.

MZ-5500 system configuration

System highlights

  1. High data processing capability achieved with a 16-bit microprocessor.
  2. Large addressable memory space of 512KB: Standard 256KB plus an additional 256KB.
  3. High resolution color graphic display with large-capacity video screen memory and bit-map display.
  4. One or two mini-floppy disk drives, each of 320KB are provided as a standard feature.
  5. Powerful standard I/O system interface.
  6. Integrated sound generator.
  7. CP/M86 as the standard operating system.

Model description

MZ-5511 Contains one MFD plus 256KB of RAM
MZ-5521 Contains two MFD's plus 256KB of RAM


MZ-5500 System Block Diagram

MZ-5500 block diagram

Click on the picture to see the diagram in detail ( 193 kb )

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last updated January 17, 2004