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Additional mini-floppy disk drive unit for the MZ-5600 series.
May be used as the 3rd and 4th drives, and has a total
storage capacity of 1280 kb. Join to the MFD I/F connector
on the rear of the System Unit using the dedicated cable

Specification Drive Thin-profile, double-sided, double-
density drive ( FD55F ) x 2.
PWB I/F PWB 45 x 129mm ( double-sided
paper epoxy board )
LED PWB 23 x 8.5mm ( single sided
paper epoxy board )
Power supply Switching
+5V ( 1.3A ) and +12V ( 1.3A )
Contained in a metallic
housing measuring
98(W) x 16.5(H) x 87(D) mm
Cabinet Top and bottom cabinets:
  Press-molded metal
Front panel Molded resin
Color Office gray
Dimensions 117.7(W) x 177.7(H) x 331.3(D)mm
Weight 6kg

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last updated January 17, 2004